No! Payment Option - is totally FREE !

No Payment! is totally Free! Classified Membership Registration for all Members.

If you want to donate drop or deposit by Cheque/Cash at nearest ICICI Bank/ATM anywhere India.

ICICI Account Name: Purab Kharat

ICICI Account No: 000501562833

Cheque should be in favour of " A/c No.:" How to write cheque?

Please inform us when depositing cheuqes into drop boxes or at the any ICICI ATM/branch in anywhere india.
Locate to ICICI Bank branches

After depositing a cheque please inform us for the same with following details:

  • Cheque No.
  • Cheque Date
  • Branch of ICICI
by email or on phone 020-65230454, 91-9405851024 - Neha Kharat